Web Rapid Development

This website is setup on the development system and will experience changes on a regular basis. Working on version 7 to speed up and stabilize features. Including, but not limited to request, action and adding documentation on how to use the Web Rapid Development application.

Change Log

Soon to be released

  • Release 7.0 is in beta and will provide some speed and stability improvements.
  • Form processing and form CSS will be enhance to make the forms easier to read and work with.
  • Greater flexibility is available with CSS and web pages
  • Fixed issues with TinyMCE for word wrapping, preventing sentences from running off the page and fixed notification of misspelled words.
  • Menu has been changed to be horizontal at the top of the page.
  • Formerly sub menus were pop-up, now they are part of the menu.


Estimated release 1/1/2022