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Web Rapid Development

Web Site Development

Web Rapid Development

Web Rapid Development (WRD) is an online tool to provide a method of developing a web site in a matter of minutes. This site was built on WRD and each site can have its own unique look. We can have your web site up and running in less than a day and as new features are made available you can obtain them at a nominal subscription fee. The standard production has, but is not limited to the following:

  • Virtually unlimited pages.
  • You can edit your own content.
  • Any colors you want.
  • Administration functions.
  • Self editing styles
  • Visit counts by date and page.

We are currently including add-ons and custom functions to WRD. Here are a few:

  • BlogWare - an internal blogging package
  • MailWare - an internal mailing system
  • Event Calendar - allow events to be posted and will show when administration accepts.
  • VolunteerWare - Volunteers can enter their time to a category. Useful for grants.


Service Annual Subscription Rate
Basic WRD $200
BlogWare $120
MailWare $120
Event Calendar $120
VolunteerWare $120