Web Rapid Development Documentation

How to Use WRD


This documentation will provide help on how to use the RichWare Web Rapid Development system.

What is Web Rapid Development

WRD is a content management system allowing the rapid creation of web pages that provide information to the person viewing the website.


Abbreviation Meaning
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
WRD Web Rapid Development

Web page terminology

Web pages are structured with the top of the page is administration toolbar which is broken into two sections, left the operational area showing buttons for additional features if present. The right side is the administration function which include the logon button and the help button.

When the help button is clicked, a window will show having the characteristics of WRD and a link to this document towards the bottom.

Below the administration toolbar is the Header banner that contains the title of the web page. The title can be changed at Configuration (see Chapter 2 - Site Administration).

Below the Header banner the the Main section, which is broken into the Navigation (left side) and the Page (right side).

Navigation is a menu of the pages that are available to people viewing the website. The Menu is created from Menu/Page Management (see Chapter 2 - Site Administration).

The Page is the content of the pages that have been added at Menu/Page Management. WRD gives you the ability to add/edit/remove pages to your website allowing visitors to see information about your products/services.

Below the Menu Section, is the footer that contains information that can be found by clicking the help button.

In summary:

Administration Toolbar Two sections: 1) (left) Operational area and 2) (right) Administrative area
Header banner Web site title
Main Two sections 1) (left) Menu/Navigation and 2) (right) Page content
Footer Acknowledgement to third party vendors.
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